What we believe

At Nepsu, We create home essential electronics to shape our world into a better place.
We believe it is best to start by making our home a greater one.


As we often spend a great amount of time at home, it is wise to make it worth our stay. We want it to be more enjoyable and defined by our personal tastes.

What we do?

As each person is influenced by their immediate environment, we create the most versatile, unique and customizable home solutions to make their life more comfortable and to contribute to their personal development.

By merging beautiful design with the latest technologies, we are able to craft the intelligent consumer-relevant home solutions of tomorrow, such as our first product, the Nepsu Speaker.

The fabric of our culture

Our roots come from these small powerful words.
Simple, yet hard to ignore.

Behind the product

At Nepsu, we’re more than just a group of innovators in the same room working on new products. We are creative, we are determined and we like to do things differently by challenging the industry’s traditions for greater products.

Julien Tupula

Self taught coder, Julien is the Keeper of all tasks and progresses. He made good use of his project manager experience to get us to this point. His charisma and determination are key elements to developing relationships and most importantly, to bringing motivations that drives the whole team. Fueled by Trance music, Julien strives to grow both professionally and as a person.

Hugo Lauzon
Engineering Lead

An avid runner, Hugo has acquired a wealth of experience in engineering since Nepsu started. Balancing his time between hardware tinkering, accounting and financial operations, this guy actually finds the time to get entrepreneurial and coaching involvement in Junior Achievement weekly. Music is his source of motivation. Hugo tries regularly to make the world a better place, just like his idol, Elon Musk.

Jonathan Villeneuve
Design Lead

Jonathan’s passion for design began at a very young age: He loved to play pranks on his friends and family, his nurtured creativity and craftiness came in very handy. As he gained experience over the years, Jonathan developed his keen eye for detail and took his design skills to a higher level. Over this pass year, he has made available free design resources and has given local design workshops for upcoming generations. Jonathan is among those who believes that everything we design designs us back as an infinite loop towards excellence.

Trung Hoa Huynh
Marketing Lead

Trung is a very open-minded, social and outgoing person with incredible people skills. Since a very young age, Trung is enamoured of strategy games and music. Always listening to music and looking to discover new gems amid the storm, he is often busy planning contents for Nepsu’s social media accounts: he wants to be a black belt social media manager. When he’s out of the office, Trung spends his time with his family or friends, discovering culinary novelties or having a drink or two.

Cassandra Beaulieu

From Paris to Montreal, Cassandra is known to be a creative serial entrepreneur. Passionate of cinematography and traveling, she is a great communicator, an excellent listener, and has a keen ability to connect and to negotiate with her contacts. Cassandra definitely has an unique way with words which will captivate your attention. Avid music enthusiasts, she loves to spend times with her friends.

Nathalie Nguyen
Graphic Designer

Since she discovered her big passion for graphic design, Nathalie has been scouting throughout the wide Internet daily for inspirations. Her love for simple, minimalist and witty design is reflected on all her work, at first as an intern, then, as a freelance and now, as an invaluable asset at Nepsu. Nathalie strives to deliver the best quality of work with the best UI/UX experience possible. And yes, she is the one who created our magnificent logo.