The Triangle,
the most versatile speaker

The Triangle is a wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker with an interchangeable aluminum front plate and acoustic fabric, which can be customizable to your likings. It can thus integrate seamlessly and unobtrusively in any decor and any environment.

3 fun steps for your Triangle

Simply Choose

the color of your aluminum plate to customize it to your desire.
if you want the cloth and the power cable color to fit your needs.
the position to place the Triangle; on a wall, in a room’s corner or on a surface.

We are proud to say the Triangle is


Discover the design

The philosophy

Most people tend to look at product design as an art, but there’s a big difference between product design and art. The sole purpose of art is to make people think while the intent of a product well designed is to avoid any thoughts other than satisfaction on the mind of its user. Design is not art but it doesn’t mean that artistic skills are not involved in product conception. In fact, a quality design is linked to the amount of time, dedication and effort that has been applied; it’s all a matter of iterations.

At Nepsu, we put the focus on what is essential and relevant which is most likely to be the reflection of simplicity. By focusing on the essential and relevant features and shapes, we avoid the trap of failing on what is arbitrary.

- Jonathan Villeneuve, CDO and co-founder of Nepsu.


Playful wire

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Living room

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Clean cripsy white

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Wood matching

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Pink Hot Chili

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Behind the product

We want to

  • Initiate a movement of responsible consumption for electronic products.
  • Inspire change in the way people use and create products for greater personal experience and development.
  • Improve people’s life and to inspire personal development and well-being.
  • The Team

    At Nepsu, we’re more than just a group of genius in the same room working on new products. We are creative, we are determined and we like to do things differently by challenging the industry’s traditions for greater products.

    Nominated for his considerable experience and interest in team coordination, Julien Tupula is the President and CEO of Nepsu. Graduate from École Polytechnique de Montreal in Aerospace Engineering, Julien began his career by managing several projects at Bombardier and Airbus. Mr. Tupula is mainly responsible for team projects and suppliers management.
    Completed his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal in autumn 2013, involved for 8 years as volunteer in a student company program called Junior Achievement of Quebec, Hugo guides high school students entrepreneurs in the process of starting a business. He is primarily responsible for technical development and finance.
    Jonathan Villeneuve is the creative mind behind the product design. Mr. Villeneuve graduated from the University of Montreal in 2011, performed in the design industry as a freelancer and then as a structural packaging designer before he cofounded Nepsu. Driven by his unceasing passion for design, Jonathan is devoted to create top quality products.
    Trung Hoa Huynh is an intuitive and outgoing Marketer graduated from HEC Montréal. His business knowledge and marketing experience acquired from working in a family business for several years are great assets at Nepsu Inc. Informed of the latest trends; Mr. Huynh is responsible for B2B and B2C sales channels business development.
    Graduated from UQÀM in Public Relations, Cassandra Beaulieu is a young and creative entrepreneur which acquired several experiences in Communication. Passionate by entrepreneurship and new technologies, Ms. Beaulieu has worked with many startups in Quebec, and in Paris. At Nepsu, Cassandra is responsible for communications, public relations and marketing.
    Nathalie Nguyen, artistic and joyful, is a graduate from Herzing College in Graphic Design. After discovering her new passion, she has built up her knowledge as a freelancer and in a marketing firm. By dealing with different clients, she presents an understanding of the upcoming trendy world of design. As graphic designer at Nepsu, Ms. Nguyen strives to innovate a new image for this startup.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    +What are the next products that Nepsu could offer?

    Nepsu will develop other audio products in the coming years. We will also develop other products that aim to create a personalized atmosphere. Lighting solutions will be considered.

    +Where can you ship the product?

    Available worldwide! Backers living in Montreal, Toronto or nearby cities can pick up their Nepsu Triangle at our office, we will refund your shipping fees at pickup.

    +How easy is it to change the aluminium plate?

    Simply place one hand on the top of the speaker and make a gripping movement by folding your four fingers to separate the front from the rest of the speaker, the magnetic force will be noticeable during the operation. Remove the front and put the alternative front approaching it from the speaker, the magnetic force will do the rest.

    +Is there an internal battery in the Triangle?

    An add-on battery pack is something we are currently working on.

    +How many speaker do I need to use the Multi-room feature?

    In order to use the Multi-room feature, a minimum of two Triangle speakers are required, allow- ing you to control two distinct zones. Each zone has its own audio source. In order to use the Multi-room feature at its maximum potential, a single zone can be controlled with up to 10 Triangle speakers or 3 zones with up to 5 speakers each.

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